Pics here

Had a LAN at my place in celebration of Josh’s birthday. Marcel and I were supposed to be helping Matt with the PyWeek game coding contest, but obviously decided that a couple of rounds of C&C3 were more important. Priorities really 🙂

In all, we had myself, James, Dave, Josh, Jono, Marcel, Wayne and Steven gaming, and Shannon & Fiona browsing YouTube all night – so a pretty good turnout. Was very suprised we could get so many people into my small flat.. the hired trestle tables worked a treat, I think we’ll use them again. A++ 🙂

Team [EMO] caused much mirth and hilarity on the ICONZ gungame server. Poor ol ‘danzig’ just didn’t get the joke 😛

Fans set up to create a vortex of cold air in a hot room is a brilliant idea. Until Jono lets the fart-from-the-depths-of-hell drop, and said fans cause it to circulate through the entire room within mere seconds.

Extra bonus: the flat is now actually clean and organised.. something which I’m sure I would have just postponed indefinitely otherwise 😉