A tale of two Ubuntus

Ok, so yay, Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) got released.. upgrade time! Now with debian, such things are normally just a simple ‘dist-upgrade’ away – I’ve had my firewall box at home running Etch for a while now, with no problems at all. Now, I have what I would consider pretty similar set-ups at home and at work.. both were running the AMD64 version of Dapper, and both had beryl/nvidia drivers set up from the same sources etc…

Home: Upgrade process died.. I think apt segfaulted half-way through. This, for some reason left the machine completely un-bootable. I managed to boot with the live install CD, chroot into the install, and continue the dist-upgrade. Eventually I managed to get all the dependencies in order. Then X wouldn’t start with the nVidia drivers. Ok, changed to the open-source ones, X would start. Nothing I tried could get the binary drivers to work. *sigh* All the important data on that install I have in version control (svn) on another machine, so I’m going to format and re-install this one 🙁

Work: In contrast, the actual upgrade itself went 100% smoothly. Why this would be the case and work, and not at home, I have no idea. Couple of small niggles though:

  • Eclipse refused to start, it was choking on a missing mozilla library of some sort. Turns out this is a bug in Eclipse, which has a workaround in the form of an updated jar file: https://eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=174547. At least now the internal browser actually works in it!
  • Trac quite broken, as it had been previously installed in Dapper with Python 2.4. Feisty uses 2.5. I had to install a different mod_python for apache, and install and patch ClearSilver 0.10.4 from source.
  • I also had to recompile all the Trac plugin eggs so they were built against Python 2.5
  • X / Beryl / binary nVidia drivers all upgraded 100% perfectly.. go figure..