On Lindon Puffin and Eric Raymond’s dating tips

On Friday, I cruised along to Al’s Bar (next the Pak n’ Save of all places) to see Lindon Puffin play a show for the release of his new (and very long awaited) CD, “Show Pony”. As always, Lindon was very entertaining, and was in fine form… the stories were very funny – I feel sorry for “Emily Archer” for whom he wrote clever little song about only meeting someone a couple of times and forming an obsession over it. Turns out a few people at the gig know Emily Archer.. and someone called her on his cell and was like “Yeah, Emily… yeah.. he totally did the song…. yeah….” (and then walked off outside). It’s a darn shame it’s not on the album. Was a little sad that he didn’t do more songs from “Stuff like that”, but the new material is very good, as were the cover songs he did, including unforgettable moments such as Snoop Dogg’s “Bitches ain’t shit” done on the Ukelele. He’s touring soon, so if you get a chance to see Lindon Play, do…

By some total random chance, I ended up going to the Christchurch Symphony on Saturday night.. one of Liz’s friends ended up with a spare ticket, and a few frantic last-minute txts, and a hurried jog to my car later, I was in the town hall listening to Grieg’s Piano Concerto, which was actually pretty enjoyable – the last time I’d sat down to listen to classical music was probably in my first year at university…

A google search for ‘geek dating’ turned up these three pages, which seems to offer some pretty sound advice, but the most disturbing thing, is that they appear to have been written by none other than Eric Raymond. Yes, this Eric Raymond:

Eric Raymond.. doing.. something

Of course, one cannot mention him without mentioning the excellent Everybody Loves Eric Raymond webcomic.

Oh, I solved my async JMS callback problem, using a fairly in-elegant hack, where I have a singleton object which maps the session bean instances to a reference ID, which I then pass in via the JMS message. It’s ugly, but it works :-/