My face is melting off

Both literally and figuratively – It’s insanely hot (it’s just after midnight and it’s still 29 degrees… it was over 40 during the day), but Melbourne is pretty much rocking my world right now…

Bit of a recap as to what I’ve been up to…

Got off the plane, got though customs very quickly, then messed around with my phone for at least an hour, at which point I asked the girl at the vodafone shop if there was an issue with NZ roaming… there was. Turned out the problem didn’t get fixed until at least a week later. Good one Vodafone NZ.. f’ing idiots…
Got the skybus into town, which left me a block and a bit from the backpackers where I was booked into. Got set up there with not too much fuss. Managed to phone people via a nearby payphone to let them know I had arrived.

Spent the next few days wandering around the city, pretty much to get my bearings, and to find out where stuff was etc.. highlights:

  • Met Becca for lunch, had a nice catch up
  • Got a Vodafone Australia pre-pay SIM, and a decent amount of credit on it. Managed to use up all the credit within a week 🙂 (Calls to NZ are expensive apparently!)
  • Went to DFO (a factory outlet mall) and got myself some better summer clothes.. my NZ summer clothes were still too thick and hot to wear when it gets properly warm…
  • Queen Victoria Markets – Fran & Mum could spend an entire week there shopping. It’s got all sorts of things, roughly divided into areas, and what seems to be a very good produce market as part of it
  • Melbourne Central Mall, which has a very cool brick tower-like building housed entirely inside this glass cone around it, with the other mall shops around that.
  • Got measured for and bought a suit. Very sharp.
  • Went up the top of the Rialto Tower (55th floor or something). Pretty amazing views from the observation deck up there..
  • Walked through Fitzroy gardens, saw at least 5 or 6 different wedding parties having photos taken. There’s a little model Tudor village there too. Kinda random.
  • Sat and read in the other gardens near the backpackers. Got approached by this huge, freaky-ass beetle. Haven’t seen any big spiders yet.
  • Managed to work out how the tram/train system works. Works very well as it turns out 🙂
  • The Melbourne Pizza Bar (next to the backpackers) serves amazing Ravioli. (Thanks Caroline for that tip)
  • Went out drinking with some English girls, two Irish guys, and a Californian, all from the backpackers. Fairly entertaining, but we spent most of the night just wandering around town.
  • Went to Southbank in the evening. Lots of pretty flash restaurants with little outdoor areas. The whole place looks amazing at night, and they have these big gas flame things on timers along the waterfront. Saw a pretty cool street performer doing an escape trick along there, and got myself a big cup of Gelati. So good when it’s still crazy hot outside.
  • Walked up Brunswick Street in 40+ degree heat. I must’ve looked quite the sight once I managed to find a small cafe/bar that looked like it might have something I wanted to eat. Got a smoothie and a fruit salad, both of which were pretty darn good.

Spent New Years Eve with Becca and some of her friends – was just a few people having dinner and some drinks. Great people, interesting conversation, and a burning Christmas tree in the streets 🙂

Tired now. I’ll write something about the week and bit since new years soon.

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  1. Wow! Joff! You have a blog! And your head has changed from the heat into a robot head! Sweet! I believe that tower is either a shot tower or something to do with the prison? Have you seen the prison with the wax heads? They still have creepy hair on them!

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