Gigs, big and small

This thing always seems to lag behind things somewhat, so most of you will already know in the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen both Nightwish and Iron Maiden in concert… both were completely awesome –

Nightwish played at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda, which is a grand old place, (think like the Theatre Royal in Chch) and totally appropriate for their gothic overtones 🙂 The new singer, Annette, though not as operatic as the old singer, was great, they did mostly stuff from the new album that she sings on, but she handled the old classics very well too. Also, she’s hilarious.

Iron Maiden was nothing short of full on epic grandness of the biggest scale. Pretty much stuck to the old classics, which everyone sang along to. Both gigs were allocated seating, and people were actually sitting down, which I couldn’t understand.. I stood for most of it anyway.. I managed to get a seat right at the back of the arena, but pretty much in the center, so the view was good, if a little far away. Video screens helped 🙂

Videos from both gigs are at

I tried to see the excellent Disasteradio play at the Northcote Social club last night, but I arrived just as he was packing up. He’s in town for a couple of weeks though, so I’ll catch him at one of those other shows.

That’s about all really, aside from the truly horrid experience I had with a girl I met at the goth club in town, but that’s life I suppose and these things happen.

Ah, and I’ve finally managed to arrange to get the rest of my worldly possessions sent over from NZ – Fran will be glad to get her garage space back, and I’ll be glad to get my guitars and PC back 🙂