Foxy bassists, ghosts, shipping containers and new friends

Well, I’ve been here around 2 months now – in some ways it feels like longer – things are somewhat settled and comfortable now, but in others, it seems like it’s been less time.. still so much is unknown!

I managed to see Disasteradio in the end at the Evelyn on Brunswick Street. Excellent, as always, DRad always manages to put a massive grin on my face 🙂

Saw a local act, Gotye, play at the Prince Bandroom, which is a great venue in St Kilda – seems to host a lot of international acts there too.. (see pic of upcoming shows there)

MindlessSelfIndulgance_1Went to the Soundwave festival with Clara, out of the 40-odd bands playing, we only really knew about 5 of them between us… we managed to mostly avoid the Emo bands, and very definitely avoided Incubus – highlights were Divine Heresy and As I Lay Dying and from Autumn to Ashes(all of the grr metal variety. Mindless Self Indulgence were outstanding and loads of fun. It also helps that the female bass player is a total fox, and definitely had the moves 🙂
The Offspring were on last, and were great, nostalgia++. As per usual, I’ve got videos up at

The last couple of weeks I’ve been a bit run down.. mainly due to the fact I think I ate some bad chicken from somewhere (can’t work out which place it was though), and this week, i’ve had a cold, which I’m sure I caught off Clara, either that or it was caused by the excessive dust at Soundwave.

Some of my things have arrived by air-freight… mainly, my PC and my acoustic guitar. Also some of my posters and things… my room is definitely looking a lot more like “mine” now, which makes me happy.
Definitely confirmed now that my 200GB Windows system drive is utterly dead though, which is annoying, as a) it had 200GB of useful data on it, b) it had my Windows install on it, which is, well a lot of work to re-create. It seems like the logic board is the problem (I can see where one of the really tiny resistors has been knocked off), so I’ve managed to find an identical drive off eBay… hopefully replacing the board will solve the problem.

Paypal. Oh dear god. In order to pay for my replacement drive, it turns out I need a paypal account. Ok. I’d heard bad things about them before, and had tried to avoid them as much as possible previously (I’d only recently had to create an account to get some Skype credit). I wanted to change my address to my Australian one. Apparently you can’t do that – you have to close the account and make a new one – except the new one now always seemed to set the country as “New Zealand” no matter how many times I clicked on “change country”. Ass. Ended up having to use a different email address to make a completely different account. Sigh.

I bought the new instrumental Nine Inch Nails album “Ghosts I-IV” online from them for $5. It’s really quite great. I bought the Radiohead one the same way when that came out. Seriously, if all music was released like this, I’d never have to buy a CD, or look to pirate it ever again.

Last night Clara and I ended up at Section 8 bar which is very close to where I live, and is really quite great. It’s a shipping container plonked down in an empty lot down a small alleyway. Had a great mix of all sorts of different kinds of people. We spent much of the night bemoaning the fact neither of us had made any new friends since we’ve been here, because we’re both really crap at going up to strangers and making small talk. Both of us = rubbish at small talk….
We ended up having quite good drunken conversation there with some people however, an English guy and a girl, and an Aussie guy. Turned out they were tourists, and only in town for a short while longer. Typical!

After recovering from 6am-death-hangover, I got up.. eventually.. and decided I’d wander over to the Victoria State Library which is just spectacular, wandered around inside for a bit, saw the exhibits there on the history of books (from the earliest forms of writing through to modern literature, graphic novels etc) and also the one on Victoria throughout history.
Turns out, Clara had gone to the library about an hour before I did, completely independently.. I hadn’t mentioned I was thinking of going this weekend or anything. We really think the same a lot of the time… it’s really freaky……

Caught up this evening with Anna and Mokoto, who are friends of Caroline’s.. I’d met them a couple of times at most I think… but they moved to Melbourne about a month ago, and are living quite close by in an apartment in the city. I went over there for a small BBQ and a play around in the pool in their building. It’s a very flash looking place.. very much like an old hotel. Clara came by a bit later, dipped her feet in the spa, and we hung out for a while at their place. We’ve promised to drag them out into town very soon. Looks like we have new friends! Yay!!

I’m hanging out with Dan Minson on Monday, as he’s in town visiting for a few days – I’m pretty sure we’re gonna check out the History of Videogames exhibit at Federation Square… Becca has him pretty much booked out for the rest of the time I think… but between us I think we ought to be able to convince him to move here as well… add to the posse, as it were 🙂

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  1. Joff, don’t you dare make my brother move to Melbourne! Cause then I’ll have to move over as well and I’m far too popular and have too many friends here for that! Also I’d have to sell my lovely TV cause I don’t trust anyone to move it EVER.
    So yeah, leave Dan alone!

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