Visits, zombies, more gigs and incredible co-incidences…

So Fran came over to visit, to check out what this whole “Melbourne” thing I’ve been ranting on and on about…


  • The Gin Club at The Gem in Collingwood – basically we were looking to go to a gig, and it was Sunday night, and I’d heard that this was on. We get into this tiny little suburban pub, and it’s totally packed out, standing room only. We then find out why; The Gin Club are just fantastically awesome. They’re a 7 (or so) piece from Brisbane, and all the band members write songs, and take turns at doing their songs. Everybody sings. At once. Just awesome
  • Empanadas and other South American sweet foods in Fitzroy. Also Churros.
  • Going to the State Library, both NGV galleries, seeing all the graffiti art in the laneways.
  • Managing to go to the galleries, Queen Vic markets and Luna park… on the one day of the week that those things were individually closed… no forward planning FTL.
  • Lots of wandering around town
  • Some really terrible grunge band at Pony. Followed by a better indie punk group afterwards
  • Catching up with Becca / cocktail bars

Photos here

Gigs and Zombies

Went to see Liam Finn play at the Evelyn on the Wednesday, supported by The Gin Club. Both really great performances, again, totally packed out. Saw The Gin Club again the night afterwards at the Northcote Social Club. Becca was supposed to come along, but was super tired after an epic week at work…

Got Brains?Didn’t do much on Friday except go to work… was in a bit of a “bleh” mood…

Saturday, I went along to see the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle – that’s where bunch of people dress up and act like zombies while wandering around the downtown part of the city…

I didn’t manage to get hold of anyone for the shuffle, and still hadn’t managed to rustle up anyone to do anything for that night, so at the last minute, I decided to go see Shihad who were playing at Hi-Fi just down the road, and it looked like there was going to be door sales…

So I turn up after getting some food, and there’s a bunch of people just standing around outside waiting to line up for tickets… and there’s this girl standing there by herself, looking a little upset, so give her a quick smile. Then comes time to line up, and she comes stands next to me, and eventually I grow a pair and start to talk to her. Turns out she’s from NZ too and has only just moved to Melbourne a few months ago and doesn’t know anyone. She also went to the Liam Finn gig on Wed, and also the church gig he did in Christchurch back in November (which I also went to)… Anyway we spent the rest of the night hanging out, chatting, dancing to the band and generally getting on pretty well. She handed me her phone for me to put my details in.

Turns out I was a dumbass and didn’t check the number when I put it in, and ended up leaving a digit out…

How did know? This afternoon I hadn’t heard (and was getting impatient) so I go to google and put in 3 identifying things about her (name, where she’s from and occupation), and her bebo page is the first result :D Amazingly enough, it’s set public and I send her a message asking if she wants to go for dinner/drinks..

I get a message back a couple of hours later saying she tried to text me earlier, but I’d got my number wrong… and that she had only set her page to be public for a couple of days, and that she’d had an awesome time on Saturday and yes, she would like to come out for drinks etc soon.. It turns the reason she was at the gig by herself was that she was supposed to be meeting someone there but got stood up!


Geohash location
Readers of XKCD will know about Geohashing. Basically, every day you end up with a random GPS location (somewhat nearby) that you are supposed to try and get to, and then, like take a photo there or whatever.

This Saturday’s location was out in the middle of nowhere – I had to catch the train out to Ringwood station (which is like 45 mins) and then met up with the rest of the group of Internet Randoms to get in a car and then drive like another hour and a bit to get to the park. Along the way we run into another geohasher going to the same place… except he was cycling all the way there.. in the rain…

We then managed to get lost in the park for at least an hour – the road signage was wrong, and I couldn’t get the GPS in my phone to work without a network connection… Eventually we had to ask someone at a house nearby.

“Hi we’re trying to get here (pointing to the map)”
“What’s there?”
“Erm, nothing really. We’re just trying to get to this exact point”
“Why are you trying to get there?”
“Errrr….. ummm…..some friends told us to”
“Uhhh ok…. well you’ve totally gone way past it, and these roads on your map, don’t exist any more etc”

We finally did manage to make it pretty darn close to where the point on the map was. We took a bunch of photos – mine here and Gnat’s here.

It’s been a busy few weeks!!

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