Misfits and fuckups

Was going for a walk over to the museum this afternoon… I was going stir crazy at home and everyone is either busy or out of town for the long weekend. I’m not sure if the museum is open, i haven’t looked yet, but i’d be surprised if it was. Anyway back to the point, which is that i’m sitting in the park watching a couple of groups of people play basketball on the public courts. It reminds me of the group of guys i used to play with when i was younger – an awesome group of misfits and fuckups -none of which could have got a girlfriend if our lives depended on it. I think back on that time and smile.

Foxy bassists, ghosts, shipping containers and new friends

Well, I’ve been here around 2 months now – in some ways it feels like longer – things are somewhat settled and comfortable now, but in others, it seems like it’s been less time.. still so much is unknown!

I managed to see Disasteradio in the end at the Evelyn on Brunswick Street. Excellent, as always, DRad always manages to put a massive grin on my face 🙂

Saw a local act, Gotye, play at the Prince Bandroom, which is a great venue in St Kilda – seems to host a lot of international acts there too.. (see pic of upcoming shows there)

MindlessSelfIndulgance_1Went to the Soundwave festival with Clara, out of the 40-odd bands playing, we only really knew about 5 of them between us… we managed to mostly avoid the Emo bands, and very definitely avoided Incubus – highlights were Divine Heresy and As I Lay Dying and from Autumn to Ashes(all of the grr metal variety. Mindless Self Indulgence were outstanding and loads of fun. It also helps that the female bass player is a total fox, and definitely had the moves 🙂
The Offspring were on last, and were great, nostalgia++. As per usual, I’ve got videos up at http://youtube.com/user/haxtheplanet.

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Gigs, big and small

This thing always seems to lag behind things somewhat, so most of you will already know in the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen both Nightwish and Iron Maiden in concert… both were completely awesome –

Nightwish played at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda, which is a grand old place, (think like the Theatre Royal in Chch) and totally appropriate for their gothic overtones 🙂 The new singer, Annette, though not as operatic as the old singer, was great, they did mostly stuff from the new album that she sings on, but she handled the old classics very well too. Also, she’s hilarious. Continue reading Gigs, big and small

Melbourne week two (and three, and four…)

I’ve been here a month now.. I really ought to have kept this more up-to-date. Seems every time I should be doing an entry, I’m just too tired out and ready for sleep…..

I started my new job on the 2nd of Jan.. I was pretty much launched right into the thick of things… they had me working on bugs in one of the main apps by the first day. I’m working right in town for a private contracting company, but located right in the offices of the state govt agency who are responsible for managing the wildfires across the state. There’s an emergency co-ordination centre right next to where we’re working (it’s all a bit mission-control) and quite exciting to look at 🙂 They’ve recently had me working on Ruby on Rails apps, which has been quite a rapid learning experience, but it has been surprisingly quick to pick up. My impression has been that rails is cool, but still quite immature.. with time I expect it will improve. Continue reading Melbourne week two (and three, and four…)