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So last weekend I went and saw Johnnie and The Johnnie Johnnies, who I’d seen before (and really enjoyed) but the discovery of the night was easily The Barons of Tang. Aside from having a great name, they are what happens when you get a gypsy folk band, and then sit them in a room, and put on Mr Bungle, and Slayer’s ‘Reign in Blood’ for an afternoon.

The result is purely magical.

Oh, and downstairs from my apartment, there’s now an ice-skating rink:

I also went and saw a pretty cool / disturbing burlesque show, which featured, Ursula Martinez, aka the Naked Magician (NSFW, but awesome)

3 thoughts on “Naked Magical Barons of Blog”

  1. JOFF!!!!!!

    The Barons of Tang are BIZZARO, man. Red Staind Star is probably my favourite track there. Too bad about the grammar in the title of their EP but I guess you can’t wish for everything at once.

    Do you like the new sleep500? I built that theme using a tutorial and I’m trying to make the php YIELD TO MY EVERY WHIM which isn’t going that great but hey, I’m having fun.

    How is life? Have you used the ice-skating rink?

  2. Yeah, had a looksee…looking good man… wordpress is definitely pretty decent. I’ve been a bit lazy in customising mine though.

    Things are pretty good over here… same old I guess. Haven’t been ice-skating yet.. was supposed to be going with a girl last week, but she decided she didn’t want to at the last minute. Romance = FAIL.

    Dunno if Fran told you, but the Vivian Girls are playing at the Northcote Social Club here in Sept, for only 28 of your Earth Dollars. Snap.

  3. I’ve been away for so long because James (T’Nealle’s James) told me the Vivian Girls we going to come to NZ and then the next day he told me they weren’t.

    Romance = sigh

    We moved to wordpress because I just couldn’t really get my head around a bunch of things Nucleus did. In hindsight I probably should have learnt something about coding but whatever, I learnt more making that wordpress theme in an afternoon than the entire time on nucleus so, oh well. AND our new hosting has shell access so that makes me happy. What I’m struggling with is trying to do things that need super-user permissions on that server. I couldn’t install a google sitemap script thanks to that ):

    OK OK I need to do some more work on this 8 bit song I promised my blog I was going to post!

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