AVP2 = More suck than you would think

Being stuck at home sick with a cold gets pretty boring after a couple of days. You end up doing stupid things like watching that Aliens vs Predator 2 DVD that’s been sitting in the bottom of the pile, unwatched for months and months.

I now see why. God, that movie was terrible. As far as I could see, there was no explantation for anything that happens in it at all.. it was like a bunch of retard 10 year olds came up with the script – “hey lets have these different bad-ass alien things come down to earth and fight each other, and a bunch of people totally get killed for no reason and there’s a love interest between the sort of nerdy guy and the really hot girl that would never go for him, but dumps her jock boyfriend anyway, but it doesn’t matter because she gets totally fucked up by the Predator later, and then some more people die, and the lady who has come back from serving in Iraq just runs away instead of kicking ass like Ripley would have, and then the US Govt just nukes the entire town, and no-one seems to mind”.

That movie was robbed of an Oscar.

At least I also watched The Darjeeling Limited, which was actually fantastic.