Last week, I finally turned the big THREE-OH. I guess it’s time to reflect on what I’ve done in the last 30 years of my life, and thus this list.

So far, I have (in no particular order):

Flown a plane
Been tattooed
Been scuba diving
Been abseiling
Travelled to 4 continents (and a bunch of islands)
Won a trophy for lifesaving
Been to big outdoor raves
Been to big heavy metal concerts
Played in a rock band
Played in an experimental ambient electronic band
Played in school orchestras
Been in choirs
Crashed several cars
Moved to a different country, sight unseen
Got a degree
Applied for a job as a spy*
Designed and built systems used by thousands of people
Been poor and unemployed
Been very comfortable
Taught myself to play guitar
Taught myself to program a computer
Learnt Spanish
Forgotten Spanish
Acted responsibly
Acted very irresponsibly
Been a theatre audio / lighting tech
Been in love
Been heartbroken
Been drunk
Been high
Been hungover and on the comedown
Made friends I know I will have for the rest of my life

*I didn’t get the job. I think I most likely failed the psych profile test