Last week, I finally turned the big THREE-OH. I guess it’s time to reflect on what I’ve done in the last 30 years of my life, and thus this list.

So far, I have (in no particular order):

Flown a plane
Been tattooed
Been scuba diving
Been abseiling
Travelled to 4 continents (and a bunch of islands)
Won a trophy for lifesaving
Been to big outdoor raves
Been to big heavy metal concerts
Played in a rock band
Played in an experimental ambient electronic band
Played in school orchestras
Been in choirs
Crashed several cars
Moved to a different country, sight unseen
Got a degree
Applied for a job as a spy*
Designed and built systems used by thousands of people
Been poor and unemployed
Been very comfortable
Taught myself to play guitar
Taught myself to program a computer
Learnt Spanish
Forgotten Spanish
Acted responsibly
Acted very irresponsibly
Been a theatre audio / lighting tech
Been in love
Been heartbroken
Been drunk
Been high
Been hungover and on the comedown
Made friends I know I will have for the rest of my life

*I didn’t get the job. I think I most likely failed the psych profile test

The Journey Begins


I think that’s pretty much what I said when, probably no more than 3 minutes from touchdown in Wellington, it was annouced that due to fog that had just this moment rolled in, we were to divert to Auckland. The prospect of a 12 hour drive down to Campus A Low Hum was too terrible to contemplate. Luckily we were only stuck on the tarmac there for 45 minutes or so before we were fuelled up and returning to Welly.

So having arrived several hours late, our original plans were in dissarray, hasty arrangements were made, and I got driven out to pick up Chants’ MX5 from her ex, in Stokes Valley (which is a little way out of Lower Hutt). I get about halfway through the 2 and half hour drive through to Palmerston North, when I realise that I’ve left about $200 worth of duty free booze back at Steve’s place. These particular bottles probably would not have been fully appreciated by this ex, so again, arrangments were hastily made to try and get Fran to pick it up on her own way out of Wellington.

We’d also just found out that Maccu Piccu, one of our intended travel destinations, had been hit by torrential rains, the rail line was wiped out, some people had been killed, and they were airlifting people out of the area. Guess that’s not going to happen after all…

So far, this month-long holiday of mine wasn’t going very well.

Things improved, however when I finally arrived at Chants’ place, where I could finally rest up for a little bit. A couple of drinks were had, the customary showing off of all my new toys (new phone, macbook, camera lenses), and eventually we settled in to watch Drag Me To Hell.
I was pleasantly surprised by that movie – I’d very much recommend it if you’re a fan of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series… good classic fright moments combined with just ridiculously over the top comical splatter horror. 3.5 stars.