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It’s bit like on like Baywatch

Note this post covers the 6th of February ’10.

Internets are tricky Part 1

I always expected that it would be tricky to get decent Internet connections on this holiday, and I was not wrong. Once we’d arrived in La Serena, it was revealed that the USB dongle type Internet connection thing was inoperable; The Windows PC it was tried on, would spew forth tons of virus warnings whenever you tried to run the connection software.
I plugged it into my Mac, and installed the software, which seemed to go OK, but then the only signal I could coax out of the device was GPRS, instead of a HSPDA or UTMS signal, and thus it was slower-than-dialup slow. Not ideal. We took the device down to the Claro shop at the Mall, where it all functioned perfectly. Great.
Then magically, the next day it started working. Whoop. I managed to share it via the wireless on my laptop, so at least Fran and I could use it then. Later I replaced the virus checker on the PC, (turns out Avast was giving false positives), and all was well again.

It’s a bit like on Baywatch

Humitas. Delicious.

After having an awesome and huge lunch consisting of Humitas and a (deliciously sweet) giant watermelon, we took the bus down to another part of the beach, where there was tons of activities going on, such as bouncy castles, beach volleyball, kiosks with Internet right on the beach, girls in small bikinis giving away free ice cream. Yep, it was alright.

Despite this beach being much less over-run with jellyfish, (and far more over-run with smoking hot South American babes) it didn’t stop some people getting into trouble. We saw at least two instances where the surf rescue helicopter flew out over the water, dropped in a scuba guy, and then fished him and another person out of the (incredibly calm and un-dangerous) surf. I think there’s a general consensus that Chileans can’t swim for shit. The fun really came when then helicopter decided it was cool to do super low passes over the beach, sending beach umbrellas in all directions…

We finished up the afternoon by having pizza and beers at a place called Huentelauquen Pizzeria, which was a restaurant where half of it was shaped like a giant Pirate Ship. No photos of that because I didn’t have my camera with me (and cameras with big lenses on them are creepy at the beach, right?) and all the photos of it I can find on the Internet are wildly out of date 🙁
The pizza was alright, the beer was better, and for the first time in about as long as I could remember I felt totally relaxed and at peace with things. I was finally On Holiday.

Good idea / Bad idea?

While in this state of relaxation, and listening to the house band belt out a rendition of “Pretty Woman” I wondered if they should make a prequel to that movie. Where it’s 2 hours of Julia Roberts doing awful things while turning tricks with sweaty old men, and Richard Gere sits in board meetings getting rich. Should I start making my pitch to Hollywood now?

AVP2 = More suck than you would think

Being stuck at home sick with a cold gets pretty boring after a couple of days. You end up doing stupid things like watching that Aliens vs Predator 2 DVD that’s been sitting in the bottom of the pile, unwatched for months and months.

I now see why. God, that movie was terrible. As far as I could see, there was no explantation for anything that happens in it at all.. it was like a bunch of retard 10 year olds came up with the script – “hey lets have these different bad-ass alien things come down to earth and fight each other, and a bunch of people totally get killed for no reason and there’s a love interest between the sort of nerdy guy and the really hot girl that would never go for him, but dumps her jock boyfriend anyway, but it doesn’t matter because she gets totally fucked up by the Predator later, and then some more people die, and the lady who has come back from serving in Iraq just runs away instead of kicking ass like Ripley would have, and then the US Govt just nukes the entire town, and no-one seems to mind”.

That movie was robbed of an Oscar.

At least I also watched The Darjeeling Limited, which was actually fantastic.

Overdue blog post is (extremely) overdue…

I kept a little file with some running notes as to what I should write in here, but I’ve just realised they have absolutely no semblance of chronological order at all.. so I’ll lump them together in a different way…


Little Pictures (x2): Fran mentioned that these guys would be hitting town, and I remembered seeing them at her alternative craft fair event last year, so I thought I’d pop along to give them some support as it’s got to be hard playing in an unfamiliar town.
Anyway, their first gig is at some weird multi-level club, in the basement level. Apparently the event is some end-of-semester student thing, and there are a very very young and very very drunk kids running around. Dressed in fluro. Throwing up all over the place. Most of them luckily spend their time upstairs away from the bands. I actually had to talk my way past the bouncers because I looked too old. Good grief. Continue reading Overdue blog post is (extremely) overdue…

The Retreat has terrible art on the walls….

Aha! A new post, and so soon! Crikey….

Just figured I’d catalogue what I got up to in the weekend..

  • Spent Friday evening with Becca and her friend Brad, got some beers and food down at the Northcote social club, and went back to watch some DVDs. I wasn’t in such a great mood after the events of the past week, and having to watch “Miss Congeniality 2” and “Clueless” didn’t help. 🙂
  • Saturday was shaping up to be a bit of a bust (it was raining pretty badly outside). Clara was completely AWOL, so DV8 was looking unlikely. In a flash of genius, I got hold of Anna and Makoto, who came round for an evening of Wii gaming. We played Tennis/Bowling/Boxing, Super Mario Galaxy and a fairly long game of Mario Party 8. Everyone was thoroughly entertained 🙂
  • Sunday afternoon I managed to drag myself out to the Victoria Markets to get some fruit/vegetables to snack on (instead of my usual chocolate… I’m trying to be good). I figure I should bring Fran along when she visits in a couple of weeks. Ended up buying NIN’s The Fragile and the After Forever album pretty cheaply too.
  • Sunday evening went out to Brunswick to a bar called “The Retreat” for Amy’s birthday celebration thing. Managed to catch up with a few of the people I spent New Years’ with, so that was good. The company was excellent, the band was good, the food was average, and the art… well… lets just say that the Third Eye/Glitter/Lady Bits rendition on the wall probably isn’t going to feature in a national gallery any time soon…
  • Monday evening. Redeemed my movie horrors of Friday night by going to one of those internet meetup things at Nova, and saw The Counterfitters, which was excellent, but depressing, as most holocaust movies tend to be…

I also now have a copy of Boom Blox for the Wii. It’s extremely entertaining.

Magical month of May

Ok, so I seem to doing these at the rate of one a month. I’m feeling very lazy this month, so you poor people only get the very condensed version 😛

Wellington: I managed to get a couple of days off work (which doesn’t seem very hard to do), and I flew over to Wellington for Chant’s 30th birthday. It was really good to see everyone, and in a lot of ways it was like coming home. The shortcut taken down off the hill, through the bush and across the motorway to get into Lower Hutt certainly had the right amount of random idiocy I’ve come to expect 🙂 The guy trying to buy Steve’s truck was dodgy as fuck. His sob story about his burnt out car was really something. Never got round to playing a game of “Killer Bunnies.” If you want pictures of the party, you’ll have to ask me nicely for the link 🙂

Movie of the week: Went to see “Lars and the Real Girl” at the Nova cinemas with an internet “meetup” group (all in the interests of making some more friends here in Melbourne). It was exceptionally good, and I fully recommend it to everyone. Funny and heartbreaking all at the same time. Continue reading Magical month of May