What the hell is up with London?

It seems that everyone is moving to London and/or Europe these days, first Katie, then Nick, now Simon and Marie…. what the hell is going on? To those who are already overseas (I’m looking at you, Marc and Caroline), you are hereby instructed to come back. To those others who are thinking about going – you’re not allowed to go until others return. I guess at least that way we can keep a rotation thing going, and avoid emptying New Zealand of everybody worthwhile


Well on Sunday, Matt managed to get our PyWeek game coding contest entry submitted at literally the last minute. The theme for this one was “the only way is up”. Our game, “Gasbag Follies” is pretty simple, much simpler than our previous effort, this time you simply collect enough balloons to float to the top of the level.

This time around, I only really managed to contribute music, which got accidentally disabled in the version that got submitted. To turn it back on, edit lib/main.py and find the line that says pygame.mixer.music.play(-1) (should be around line number 71) and take the ‘#’ out from in front of it.

Download it from here: http://pyweek.org/e/vi/

You can also get “The Extraterrorestrial” (our game from last time) here: http://pyweek.org/e/hci/
I did music for that one, as well as some code and a fair bit of artwork as well.


Pics here

Had a LAN at my place in celebration of Josh’s birthday. Marcel and I were supposed to be helping Matt with the PyWeek game coding contest, but obviously decided that a couple of rounds of C&C3 were more important. Priorities really 🙂

In all, we had myself, James, Dave, Josh, Jono, Marcel, Wayne and Steven gaming, and Shannon & Fiona browsing YouTube all night – so a pretty good turnout. Was very suprised we could get so many people into my small flat.. the hired trestle tables worked a treat, I think we’ll use them again. A++ 🙂

Team [EMO] caused much mirth and hilarity on the ICONZ gungame server. Poor ol ‘danzig’ just didn’t get the joke 😛

Fans set up to create a vortex of cold air in a hot room is a brilliant idea. Until Jono lets the fart-from-the-depths-of-hell drop, and said fans cause it to circulate through the entire room within mere seconds.

Extra bonus: the flat is now actually clean and organised.. something which I’m sure I would have just postponed indefinitely otherwise 😉

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