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Of Beaches and Birthdays

Note: This covers roughly the 5th of Feburary


After having another big sleep in (I think jetlag is still accounting for this). We get up and are fed again (Empanadas I think)  and are taken down to one of the beaches near La Serena. The weather is lovely, and the beach is very nice, but because the water was unusually warm, there were hundreds of jellyfish floating around. Most were dead, but there were a couple of live ones, and one of them managed to sting one of our cousins on the back of the leg. Nothing dangerous, but enough to itch annoyingly.

Paulinas Birthday


That night was our cousin Paulina’s 27th birthday. For celebrations there were to be drinks and nibbles at one of our other extended cousin Laura’s, house. We met a bunch of people who seemed to remember us from when we last saw them. (I might have been either 6 or 16 at the time, I don’t remember which). There were a couple of people who spoke some English, but they were quickly distracted. After several drinks (which just kept on coming), it became very hard to try and follow the multiple conversations going on at once. In the end I just gave up and started taking photos.


Last week, I finally turned the big THREE-OH. I guess it’s time to reflect on what I’ve done in the last 30 years of my life, and thus this list.

So far, I have (in no particular order):

Flown a plane
Been tattooed
Been scuba diving
Been abseiling
Travelled to 4 continents (and a bunch of islands)
Won a trophy for lifesaving
Been to big outdoor raves
Been to big heavy metal concerts
Played in a rock band
Played in an experimental ambient electronic band
Played in school orchestras
Been in choirs
Crashed several cars
Moved to a different country, sight unseen
Got a degree
Applied for a job as a spy*
Designed and built systems used by thousands of people
Been poor and unemployed
Been very comfortable
Taught myself to play guitar
Taught myself to program a computer
Learnt Spanish
Forgotten Spanish
Acted responsibly
Acted very irresponsibly
Been a theatre audio / lighting tech
Been in love
Been heartbroken
Been drunk
Been high
Been hungover and on the comedown
Made friends I know I will have for the rest of my life

*I didn’t get the job. I think I most likely failed the psych profile test