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New Job!

Looks like I have a new job in Melbourne! I start on the 2nd of January at Stock Software.. They are a small contracting / consultancy type place, and it sounds like I’ll be working on some cool J2EE stuff as well as some Ruby on Rails, which I should have some fun learning. Windows based desktops though.. I might end up having to use…… Vista.. Ergh.

I should be heading over just after Christmas, so there’s a little bit of time for me to get myself all packed and organised. I’ll probably typically leave everything until the last minute 🙂

Got a new Nokia N95, mainly for the GPS feature so I don’t get too lost… Oh how I do like the new toys 🙂

Going to see Muse tomorrow night, that should be awesome.

Nasty haxors

Well it seems I’m back on the air after some nasty haxors (probably script kiddies) managed to root the box 🙁 Prime suspect #1 is somebody’s insecure PHP code (not mine, of course 😉 ). It’s times like this that really cements my recently found hatred for PHP. I’m thinking if I need to do any new sites that aren’t big enough to warrant Java, then I’ll have to look into something else. Python? Ruby? Hmm, there’s always too much new stuff to learn in this line of business….

On interweb trends

It seems that not only do I have a blog now, but I find myself being increasingly suck(er)ed into these social networking sites. I now find I have a bebo, am on oldfriends.co.nz a dreaded myspace, and now also a facebook.

So far, facebook has the least offensive user interface. So much time-wasting, but it seems like good distraction from the JAAS security problems I’m having with JBoss right now 🙂