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Foxy bassists, ghosts, shipping containers and new friends

Well, I’ve been here around 2 months now – in some ways it feels like longer – things are somewhat settled and comfortable now, but in others, it seems like it’s been less time.. still so much is unknown!

I managed to see Disasteradio in the end at the Evelyn on Brunswick Street. Excellent, as always, DRad always manages to put a massive grin on my face 🙂

Saw a local act, Gotye, play at the Prince Bandroom, which is a great venue in St Kilda – seems to host a lot of international acts there too.. (see pic of upcoming shows there)

MindlessSelfIndulgance_1Went to the Soundwave festival with Clara, out of the 40-odd bands playing, we only really knew about 5 of them between us… we managed to mostly avoid the Emo bands, and very definitely avoided Incubus – highlights were Divine Heresy and As I Lay Dying and from Autumn to Ashes(all of the grr metal variety. Mindless Self Indulgence were outstanding and loads of fun. It also helps that the female bass player is a total fox, and definitely had the moves 🙂
The Offspring were on last, and were great, nostalgia++. As per usual, I’ve got videos up at http://youtube.com/user/haxtheplanet.

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