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Blog update of biblical proportions

Dan’s visit: Well, Dan was in town for a week – he was mainly hanging out with Becca, but she brought him round for an afternoon/evening… while Becca stayed at my place playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, Dan and I went into town and saw the Game On exhibition at the ACMI. They had Spacewar on a real-live, PDP-1 – the first EVER computer game! I totally owned Dan at a game of Pong! as well πŸ™‚

Amber Clara and BellaEaster weekend: Amber and Bella came to visit from chilly old Chch… They spent most of their time here hanging out with Clara, but on the Saturday, they came over after going to the Draculas stage show thing, hung out a bit, had a few drinks, then we went into town to the goth/metal club – danced around like utter idiots.. it was great πŸ™‚

Ways to die...
Ways to die...

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An update Redux, Electric Boogaloo

Ok, neglected things here for a while….

Holidays photos are here. I had an awesome time on holiday, did a bunch of cool things, like sailing a catamaran, and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Damn, that was just too awesome. Also got to see a bit of what Australia is like, and has cemented in my mind, that I need to move over there (Melbourne specifically) to live.

Relatedly, everyone is leaving Chrischurch. Two of my friends are about to go to Auckland, one is  off to Melbourne herself on, um Monday, One has pretty much decided to shift to Wellington at the end of the year, another thinking about Dunedin, one is considering study in the US, my flatmates want to travel through Europe soon. ABANDON SHIP, LAST PERSON OUT PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!

Just had a very stressful day, where things were very uncertain about my work situation, and it was looking like I was going to be unemployed just as I need to be saving money for the move to Oz.. but thankfully it looks like things have worked out perfectly, and I’ll be finishing up at my current place just as I’m looking to move. *whew*

Having hardware troubles with my PC. Very inconvenient timing. Decided that the motherboard is toast, which means a big upgrade in the pipeline as I can’t get a replacement part πŸ™ Not a welcome expense, but I’ll take the new machine over to Oz instead of building a new one over there. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Also the app I’ve built isn’t fast enough. I expect it will handle a large concurrent client load, but the individual request/response time is too long. Had a play with a profiling tool for the first time. Kind of cool. Decided that lookups/calls to EJBs, even “local” ones is really damn expensive and probably isn’t helping things. Hmm

Nasty haxors

Well it seems I’m back on the air after some nasty haxors (probably script kiddies) managed to root the box πŸ™ Prime suspect #1 is somebody’s insecure PHP code (not mine, of course πŸ˜‰ ). It’s times like this that really cements my recently found hatred for PHP. I’m thinking if I need to do any new sites that aren’t big enough to warrant Java, then I’ll have to look into something else. Python? Ruby? Hmm, there’s always too much new stuff to learn in this line of business….

On interweb trends

It seems that not only do I have a blog now, but I find myself being increasingly suck(er)ed into these social networking sites. I now find I have a bebo, am on oldfriends.co.nz a dreaded myspace, and now also a facebook.

So far, facebook has the least offensive user interface.  So much time-wasting, but it seems like good distraction from the JAAS security problems I’m having with JBoss right now πŸ™‚

On Lindon Puffin and Eric Raymond’s dating tips

On Friday, I cruised along to Al’s Bar (next the Pak n’ Save of all places) to see Lindon Puffin play a show for the release of his new (and very long awaited) CD, “Show Pony”. As always, Lindon was very entertaining, and was in fine form… the stories were very funny – I feel sorry for “Emily Archer” for whom he wrote clever little song about only meeting someone a couple of times and forming an obsession over it. Turns out a few people at the gig know Emily Archer.. and someone called her on his cell and was like “Yeah, Emily… yeah.. he totally did the song…. yeah….” (and then walked off outside). It’s a darn shame it’s not on the album. Was a little sad that he didn’t do more songs from “Stuff like that”, but the new material is very good, as were the cover songs he did, including unforgettable moments such as Snoop Dogg’s “Bitches ain’t shit” done on the Ukelele. He’s touring soon, so if you get a chance to see Lindon Play, do…

By some total random chance, I ended up going to the Christchurch Symphony on Saturday night.. one of Liz’s friends ended up with a spare ticket, and a few frantic last-minute txts, and a hurried jog to my car later, I was in the town hall listening to Grieg’s Piano Concerto, which was actually pretty enjoyable – the last time I’d sat down to listen to classical music was probably in my first year at university…

A google search for ‘geek dating’ turned up these three pages, which seems to offer some pretty sound advice, but the most disturbing thing, is that they appear to have been written by none other than Eric Raymond. Yes, this Eric Raymond:

Eric Raymond.. doing.. something

Of course, one cannot mention him without mentioning the excellent Everybody Loves Eric Raymond webcomic.

Oh, I solved my async JMS callback problem, using a fairly in-elegant hack, where I have a singleton object which maps the session bean instances to a reference ID, which I then pass in via the JMS message. It’s ugly, but it works :-/