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AVP2 = More suck than you would think

Being stuck at home sick with a cold gets pretty boring after a couple of days. You end up doing stupid things like watching that Aliens vs Predator 2 DVD that’s been sitting in the bottom of the pile, unwatched for months and months.

I now see why. God, that movie was terrible. As far as I could see, there was no explantation for anything that happens in it at all.. it was like a bunch of retard 10 year olds came up with the script – “hey lets have these different bad-ass alien things come down to earth and fight each other, and a bunch of people totally get killed for no reason and there’s a love interest between the sort of nerdy guy and the really hot girl that would never go for him, but dumps her jock boyfriend anyway, but it doesn’t matter because she gets totally fucked up by the Predator later, and then some more people die, and the lady who has come back from serving in Iraq just runs away instead of kicking ass like Ripley would have, and then the US Govt just nukes the entire town, and no-one seems to mind”.

That movie was robbed of an Oscar.

At least I also watched The Darjeeling Limited, which was actually fantastic.

Overdue blog post is (extremely) overdue…

I kept a little file with some running notes as to what I should write in here, but I’ve just realised they have absolutely no semblance of chronological order at all.. so I’ll lump them together in a different way…


Little Pictures (x2): Fran mentioned that these guys would be hitting town, and I remembered seeing them at her alternative craft fair event last year, so I thought I’d pop along to give them some support as it’s got to be hard playing in an unfamiliar town.
Anyway, their first gig is at some weird multi-level club, in the basement level. Apparently the event is some end-of-semester student thing, and there are a very very young and very very drunk kids running around. Dressed in fluro. Throwing up all over the place. Most of them luckily spend their time upstairs away from the bands. I actually had to talk my way past the bouncers because I looked too old. Good grief. Continue reading Overdue blog post is (extremely) overdue…

Melbourne week two (and three, and four…)

I’ve been here a month now.. I really ought to have kept this more up-to-date. Seems every time I should be doing an entry, I’m just too tired out and ready for sleep…..

I started my new job on the 2nd of Jan.. I was pretty much launched right into the thick of things… they had me working on bugs in one of the main apps by the first day. I’m working right in town for a private contracting company, but located right in the offices of the state govt agency who are responsible for managing the wildfires across the state. There’s an emergency co-ordination centre right next to where we’re working (it’s all a bit mission-control) and quite exciting to look at 🙂 They’ve recently had me working on Ruby on Rails apps, which has been quite a rapid learning experience, but it has been surprisingly quick to pick up. My impression has been that rails is cool, but still quite immature.. with time I expect it will improve. Continue reading Melbourne week two (and three, and four…)