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Visits, zombies, more gigs and incredible co-incidences…

So Fran came over to visit, to check out what this whole “Melbourne” thing I’ve been ranting on and on about…


  • The Gin Club at The Gem in Collingwood – basically we were looking to go to a gig, and it was Sunday night, and I’d heard that this was on. We get into this tiny little suburban pub, and it’s totally packed out, standing room only. We then find out why; The Gin Club are just fantastically awesome. They’re a 7 (or so) piece from Brisbane, and all the band members write songs, and take turns at doing their songs. Everybody sings. At once. Just awesome
  • Empanadas and other South American sweet foods in Fitzroy. Also Churros.
  • Going to the State Library, both NGV galleries, seeing all the graffiti art in the laneways.
  • Managing to go to the galleries, Queen Vic markets and Luna park… on the one day of the week that those things were individually closed… no forward planning FTL.
  • Lots of wandering around town
  • Some really terrible grunge band at Pony. Followed by a better indie punk group afterwards
  • Catching up with Becca / cocktail bars

Photos here

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I’ve seen a fair few truly awesome live bands in my time, including Metallica (before they started to suck too much), Tool, ZZ Top, Shihad, The Living End, Ben Harper, Pantera, A Perfect Circle and Roger Waters

Muse have pretty much just blown all of them out of the water.. I’ve not seen a band before play with such incredible intensity.

I managed to capture http://youtube.com/watch?v=KYng3bRqlyw and http://youtube.com/watch?v=MFAfQ43BDOs on my N95 (although youtube degrades the quality a bit)

New Job!

Looks like I have a new job in Melbourne! I start on the 2nd of January at Stock Software.. They are a small contracting / consultancy type place, and it sounds like I’ll be working on some cool J2EE stuff as well as some Ruby on Rails, which I should have some fun learning. Windows based desktops though.. I might end up having to use…… Vista.. Ergh.

I should be heading over just after Christmas, so there’s a little bit of time for me to get myself all packed and organised. I’ll probably typically leave everything until the last minute 🙂

Got a new Nokia N95, mainly for the GPS feature so I don’t get too lost… Oh how I do like the new toys 🙂

Going to see Muse tomorrow night, that should be awesome.