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A night out

Well, after having what I can only describe as a fairly bad week, I managed to get out of the house, and off to some gigs, accompanied by Miss Caroline.

Went to see Liam Finn (again), but this time he was playing in St Michaels church in town, supported by Dictaphone Blues (which is one of the guys from Degrees.K backed by the Heavy Jones Trio). They were great, but due to our expected lateness, only caught a couple of songs from them. Was very impressed though, the acoustics in the church were amazing.. all venues should be long, and have very high angled wooden ceilings. Liam was also excellent, and segued (quite a bit) into crazy layered noise jams right in the middle of quite lovely pop songs. It was very entertaining at least. I’m thinking I’m going to have to buy his new album, the material is very good.

Went back to the Dux, and got there in time to see the Charlie Ash (hadn’t seen them before), who played some quite dancable sexy electro-pop (perhaps the girls in the blue and yellow leotards helped), who were excellent. Bumped into Fran just as she was leaving there to go to “The Loons” in Lyttelton, for the “She’ll Be Right Records” showcase show.

Once Charlie Ash finished, went over to The Loons, which I have now decided is the coolest bar in the greater Christchurch area. There was a blues jam band playing (whose name I managed to miss), and Shay and Jodi giving out raffle prizes.. just an awesome vibe.

Got breath tested on the way home, but I’d only had a couple of beers all night, so that was all good. All in all had a really good (non-date-styles) night, and has lifted my spirits a fair bit 🙂

Got a phone interview with a place in Melbourne tomorrow afternoon. Should be interesting.