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Pics here

Had a LAN at my place in celebration of Josh’s birthday. Marcel and I were supposed to be helping Matt with the PyWeek game coding contest, but obviously decided that a couple of rounds of C&C3 were more important. Priorities really 🙂

In all, we had myself, James, Dave, Josh, Jono, Marcel, Wayne and Steven gaming, and Shannon & Fiona browsing YouTube all night – so a pretty good turnout. Was very suprised we could get so many people into my small flat.. the hired trestle tables worked a treat, I think we’ll use them again. A++ 🙂

Team [EMO] caused much mirth and hilarity on the ICONZ gungame server. Poor ol ‘danzig’ just didn’t get the joke 😛

Fans set up to create a vortex of cold air in a hot room is a brilliant idea. Until Jono lets the fart-from-the-depths-of-hell drop, and said fans cause it to circulate through the entire room within mere seconds.

Extra bonus: the flat is now actually clean and organised.. something which I’m sure I would have just postponed indefinitely otherwise 😉

Nelson weekend

Well last weekend I went up to Nelson with Chantelle, Ryan and Katie, pretty much on a whim – (which is the best reason of all), and booked a cabin at the Tahuna beach camp for a couple of nights. Ryan was on a mission himself.. A trademe deal had made him the very proud owner of a new set of mag rims for his beloved car 🙂

We arrived in at around midnight – turned out I’d forgotten to put my sleeping bag in the boot of Ryan’s car, even though I was super organised and had everything ready the night before :/ Chants kindly donated a blanket and sarong for me to sleep on.. although I ended up getting very little (like 2hrs) of sleep that night anyway.

Went to the markets the next day, had a good wander round – bought way too much stuff… nice cheese, half an awesome garlic salami, shortbread, stuff like that. Had Penguinos. Oh man.. that place does the best gelato ever.

Went for a drive out past Takaka (was cool to go over the old windy road we used to have to take to get to the Gathering), and up to Farewell Spit – top of the South Island. Stayed there for about 15 mins, got back in the car and went back. Felt very carsick. It was kinda pointless, but the scenery was great.

Had a few drinks that night, Ryan wanted to go into town to mack on the honeys, Chants suggested a bar closer to the camp we could try, but alas it was closed and deserted. No macking was to occur 😛

Went for a swim at Tahuna beach the next day before heading off, but we only had half an hour or so for that, which was way too short a time… I would have definitely liked to have been able to stay longer.

Anyway, pics are here.