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The Retreat has terrible art on the walls….

Aha! A new post, and so soon! Crikey….

Just figured I’d catalogue what I got up to in the weekend..

  • Spent Friday evening with Becca and her friend Brad, got some beers and food down at the Northcote social club, and went back to watch some DVDs. I wasn’t in such a great mood after the events of the past week, and having to watch “Miss Congeniality 2” and “Clueless” didn’t help. 🙂
  • Saturday was shaping up to be a bit of a bust (it was raining pretty badly outside). Clara was completely AWOL, so DV8 was looking unlikely. In a flash of genius, I got hold of Anna and Makoto, who came round for an evening of Wii gaming. We played Tennis/Bowling/Boxing, Super Mario Galaxy and a fairly long game of Mario Party 8. Everyone was thoroughly entertained 🙂
  • Sunday afternoon I managed to drag myself out to the Victoria Markets to get some fruit/vegetables to snack on (instead of my usual chocolate… I’m trying to be good). I figure I should bring Fran along when she visits in a couple of weeks. Ended up buying NIN’s The Fragile and the After Forever album pretty cheaply too.
  • Sunday evening went out to Brunswick to a bar called “The Retreat” for Amy’s birthday celebration thing. Managed to catch up with a few of the people I spent New Years’ with, so that was good. The company was excellent, the band was good, the food was average, and the art… well… lets just say that the Third Eye/Glitter/Lady Bits rendition on the wall probably isn’t going to feature in a national gallery any time soon…
  • Monday evening. Redeemed my movie horrors of Friday night by going to one of those internet meetup things at Nova, and saw The Counterfitters, which was excellent, but depressing, as most holocaust movies tend to be…

I also now have a copy of Boom Blox for the Wii. It’s extremely entertaining.