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Blog update of biblical proportions

Dan’s visit: Well, Dan was in town for a week – he was mainly hanging out with Becca, but she brought him round for an afternoon/evening… while Becca stayed at my place playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, Dan and I went into town and saw the Game On exhibition at the ACMI. They had Spacewar on a real-live, PDP-1 – the first EVER computer game! I totally owned Dan at a game of Pong! as well 🙂

Amber Clara and BellaEaster weekend: Amber and Bella came to visit from chilly old Chch… They spent most of their time here hanging out with Clara, but on the Saturday, they came over after going to the Draculas stage show thing, hung out a bit, had a few drinks, then we went into town to the goth/metal club – danced around like utter idiots.. it was great 🙂

Ways to die...
Ways to die...

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Melbourne week two (and three, and four…)

I’ve been here a month now.. I really ought to have kept this more up-to-date. Seems every time I should be doing an entry, I’m just too tired out and ready for sleep…..

I started my new job on the 2nd of Jan.. I was pretty much launched right into the thick of things… they had me working on bugs in one of the main apps by the first day. I’m working right in town for a private contracting company, but located right in the offices of the state govt agency who are responsible for managing the wildfires across the state. There’s an emergency co-ordination centre right next to where we’re working (it’s all a bit mission-control) and quite exciting to look at 🙂 They’ve recently had me working on Ruby on Rails apps, which has been quite a rapid learning experience, but it has been surprisingly quick to pick up. My impression has been that rails is cool, but still quite immature.. with time I expect it will improve. Continue reading Melbourne week two (and three, and four…)

New Job!

Looks like I have a new job in Melbourne! I start on the 2nd of January at Stock Software.. They are a small contracting / consultancy type place, and it sounds like I’ll be working on some cool J2EE stuff as well as some Ruby on Rails, which I should have some fun learning. Windows based desktops though.. I might end up having to use…… Vista.. Ergh.

I should be heading over just after Christmas, so there’s a little bit of time for me to get myself all packed and organised. I’ll probably typically leave everything until the last minute 🙂

Got a new Nokia N95, mainly for the GPS feature so I don’t get too lost… Oh how I do like the new toys 🙂

Going to see Muse tomorrow night, that should be awesome.

Tattoos and other stuff

Well, I’ve finally got my first tattoo. It’s on my left ankle, and didn’t hurt anywhere nearly as much as everyone made out it would. Fiona did the design for me, which came out perfect, despite my just about complete inability to describe what it was I actually wanted. Fiona rocks. If I haven’t shown you already, then email me, and I’ll flick you a link to some photos, and I can explain the story behind it 🙂

I really want to get more now. They shall have to wait.

My best friend in the world has gone and fallen in love and moved away to Wellington. Well, actually Lower Hutt, which IMO, is not where I’d chose to live 🙂 I’m very happy for her, bit sad for me, but I’m planning on buggering off as well, so I can’t really complain! I’m heading up to visit this long weekend 🙂

Gonna head up to visit my folks in a couple of weeks too.

Been steadily flogging off or giving away much of everything that I own. That’s been surprisingly good 🙂

Caroline arrived back from Europe, which has been really nice, but she’s back just as everyone else, including Matt & Liz are leaving! Bad timing there…

Been busy at work (for once).. the spam gateway is done, IMO performance issues fixed… just need to convince “the gatekeepers” as such 🙂 Been working on an installer for another product which débuts in San Francisco in a couple of days.. pressure really has been on for this one. I’ve decided I much prefer working when there’s a deadline on. I just slack off too much otherwise.

And, I upgraded my PC in the end. It’s nice and fast now, so that puts a happy smile on my face at least 🙂